Welcome Back Families! 2023/2024

Driving/Parking Privilege


Mission Statement

Empowering and inspiring students to persevere, to be life-long learners, to build and strengthen community, and to respect and honor diversity.


  • academic achievement
  • meeting and achieving important personal goals
  • find a way!
  • overcoming adversity
  • resourcefulness
  • get ‘er done


  • diversity
  • cultures
  • lifestyles
  • non-judgmental
  • thoughts/ideas
  • caring + kindness


  • collaboration
  • pride
  • strengthen
  • support
  • service

Life-Long Learning

  • empowerment
  • questioning
  • challenging
  • critical thinking
  • career readiness
  • personal exploration
  • academic achievement
  • personal goals
  • following your passion

Toledo Jr/Sr High Leadership Constitution 

  1. We as a Toledo Leadership class promise to generate a positive culture, among all of the student body. We are responsible for allowing all students to feel accepted, loved, included, and comfortable. Like most leadership classes, we are in charge of promoting school spirit and encouraging everybody to be more involved. What sets us aside however, is how we assist in our culture, rather than all of the surfaced leadership movements.
  2. We as a leadership class promise to always encourage and lift others to become the best student and person they can be. We have created an open environment where they can come to feel safe. We promise to promote happiness, love, and confidence to build the general welfare of all students. 
  3. We recognize that there are cultural differences throughout our school, and we as leadership are open to understanding, respecting, and appreciating all of the diversity included in our student body.
  4. There are many impacts that leaders can make on others every day, and we are responsible for helping others develop the same qualities. Some are born as natural leaders, and others are simply followers; we believe that even with both titles, we can make a difference in our school.
  5. For the last decade, Lincoln County has been ranked in the Top 10 in the state for homlessness. As leaders, we acknowledge that everybody faces hardships every day, including unstable housing, family difficulties, and other serious issues that are rarely addressed. We give our word to Toledo High that we will always love and support our students, regardless of what life is like at home, or outside of what all the rest of us can see.